5 Smart Approaches With Google Alerts To Grow Your Site

If you just started out with your blog and you don’t have the budget to invest in expensive tools to help with link building, you don’t have to worry that much. At least, for now.

Google Alerts has got you covered.

In this post, we will discuss, some of the best ways that you can use Google Alerts in order to get more backlinks to yoursite and much more! Stay tuned

How Google Alerts Can Help You

Google Alerts despite the cost of being free, it has lots of features that are extremely important for someone who wants to be a successful blogger.

You can use it to see places that your brand name is being mentioned and by who.

Also, you can use it to find tons of guest posting opportunities.

Are you ready to take your blogging knowledge to the next level?

If yes, then let’s dive into.

How To Set Up Google Alerts

First, let’s learn how to set up a proper campaign with Google Alerts.

Step by step

First head over to Google Alerts

Where you will be shown a page like this

Then at the white box write the word you want to receive alerts to. Which totally depends on your goal with your campaigns.

If you want to check for brand mentions, then simply put your blog name or your own name (you can do both).

Or if you want to set up alerts to find guest post opportunities

Before you set up your alert, you need to take care of its settings. You can do so by clicking on show options which is below the place you wrote your alert.

There you can choose the time how often do you want to be notified.

Sources I would leave automatic in order to get more alerts.

For Language, I’d leave English as that’s the language of my audience, and for Region, I’d select Any Region because if I leave only┬áthe United States, it would not show alerts from other English speaking countries like the United Kingdom or Australia.

In the end, select what kind of results and where to deliver them.

Here is how mine looks.

I believe you have successfully created your first alert. If yes, let’s dive into the ways it can make your time more efficient. If you had any problem setting it up, leave a comment down below.

How To Use Google Alerts To Grow Your Blog

Spy Your Competitors

One of the best tactics that work not only in the online world but at any type of business is by modelling your top competitors and doing better than them.

Note: I said modelling, and not copying as these two are completely different things.

You can simply put your competitor brand name at Google Alerts, and see where they got mentions from. Then, you will get notified for any new mention they will get.

I just put the blog name that also writes about SEO and I was able to discover tons of links and mentions they got.

In this case, I can reach out to these sites, as I know the link to other SEOs. If I provide them with a better source, the might link back to me too.

You can also try other search queries in order to find more results for them.

You can put their whole URL, search by their name or something that they are known for. For example, you can use the term “Skyscraper SEO” to find mentions for Brian Dian. You got it?

Monitor Your Brand Name

At the time of writing this blog post, this step is useless for me as my brand name is new.

However, I do think that people reading this blog post maybe benefit this.

As at the first step I explained, you should write all the possibilities that people might have mentioned you.

Once you find them, here are some of the things you should do.

  • Make sure that at all places you are mentioned, you get a link. You can do that by contacting them via email. I truly believe they will do so, as the heaviest part (mentioning) has already been done.
  • Make sure you create some sort of relationship with places that have mentioned you. You do so in order to get more links from them in the future or any other update you might be doing.

Find An Ocean Of Guest Posting Opportunities

There are a ton of methods to find guest posts using different techniques. Sure, they do work as some of them I have used myself.

However, these methods have been around for a long time now. In most of the cases, the site you are trying to pitch, probably it got like another 5 pitches that day. Bhoo… That sucks if you don’t know how to stand out from them, right?

The good thing about Google Alerts is that it can find you sites that are harder to find with traditional methods and it does that continually in an automatic way.

Create Up To Date Content For Your Blog

I know, that sometimes it is hard to find content that your audience is interested in. I am not talking about articles that everybody writes about, that’s an easy thing to do.

I am talking about articles, that your audience is interested in and that they don’t have the right piece of information to read for it.

Actually, with the help of Google Alerts, you can achieve to find that type of content so you can offer something more than your competition.

Head over to Google Alerts and write down the top questions that people in your niche ask about.

Here are some examples that I used for my niche

when on page seo

how come on page seo

can on page seo

You get the idea? Use the famous WH questions around a topic, and find out what kind of questions are they having. I’d also suggest setting the Source as Web on Google alerts so you can see forum questions popping up.

You can also use the following queries to find new content ideas but also to find new niches that are popping out.

new software

software 2019

hot software 2019

*Just change software with a term related within your niche

Sum It Up

As you can see Google Alerts has many features that I believe you didn’t know before.

Indeed, for beginners, it is a great tool in-hand and gives enough data. I am sure there are many other ways you can use it in order to serve for your business. Keep exploring and if you find anything interesting, please share it with us.


  1. Hi Meloz,

    Google alerts is a remarkable tool that marketers can leverage to scale to business. But it is ironic that many are far from using it. Your article provides great insights, from how to set it up to how to use the tool. Its all covered here. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Moss,

      Yes, you are correct. I wasn’t aware of it either, until recently.

      I saw that it has so many good features, that some SEO tools even charge for.

      Thanks for the comment.


      1. Hi Melos,

        You’re most welcome. The benefits of using Google Alerts are incredible. Hence, I encourage every marketer, and especially bloggers to use the tool. It helps to put your hands on the tempo of your competitors, monitor what people are saying about your brand,
        Compile blog and social media topic ideas, discover content to share on social media, and so forth.

  2. Hi Melos!

    Thanks for sharing this – not enough people even know about Google Alerts’ existence, and many of those that do aren’t utilizing it to its full capabilities.

    I have plenty of set up, but my favorites are for my product names. I’ve gotten quite a few sales just from being able to quickly pop into another page’s comment section that mentioned it, forum posts etc.

    I do have my own name as an alert as well, but I guess there’s a famous soccer player with the same name. Makes it difficult since the vast majority of notifications are about him hahaha.

    Thanks again!

    – James McAllister

    1. Hey James,

      Thanks for coming over to my blog and bringing your input.

      I am glad that you are using Google Alerts and already seeing results. I agree that many of the blogs don’t know the power of it. Probably if it was a paid tool, they would haha.

      Yeah, I can feel the pain when you get notification from that soccer player haha.

      Kindest Regards,


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