Guest Posting In 2019 : How To Get The Best Links

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You just started your new blog, and know you want to get more exposure for it.

Well, guest posting indeed is one of the best methods to achieve that.

So, what is guest posting?

Guest posting is simply when you write and publish an article written by you to another blog, in most occasions to a blog related with yours.

If you’re not still convinced, why you should give your article to another blog instead of publishing it on your own, keep reading.

I am sure I can convince you.

Positioning Yourself

You know and I know that your blog doesn’t get the whole traffic of the world. The best way to reach out to people that have never heard for you is by sharing your ideas to another established community.

Many other prolific figures in the SEO industry do this regularly.

I have used the search query “guest post by Brian dean” in Google, and have found most of the guest posts he has done in other blogs.

You can use the same strategy to find guest posts by a prolific blogger in your industry.

Guest Posting Is Good For SEO

You probably already know that links help your site to get a better position in search results.

That is especially true when you get a backlink from a site that is related to yours and has an already established community.

Guest Posting Gets You Viral Social Shares

Social sites generate lots of traffic for many blogs. Twitter is one of the most common, where you can get lots of retweets easily (if you deserve them)

I just found this one in Twitter that has been recently published. It has got 120 retweets, and 375 likes in a short period of time.

Also Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon can be used in the same way.

How To Find Quality Guest Posting Sites

One of the most common ways to find Guest posts is by using Google Search Strings. 

There are a lot that you can find online, but the ones that I found to be the most efficient ones are:

keyword + inurl:”/guest post

keyword + inurl:”/sponsored post

keyword + inurl:”/write for us

Google Reverse Image Search

This one is related to something that we mentioned earlier. Instead of searching on Google “guest post by [name]”, you can actually download and then upload an image of a person who guests posts a lot at Google Images

I used a photo of Neil Patel and I was able to see hundreds of guest posts he has done.

Twitter Search Keyword

I used this string on Twitter search “guest post pets” and I was able to find tons of guest posts that have been made recently in the pet industry.

The good thing about this is that you can find the most recent ones, even by hours.

Reverse Engineer Backlink Profile

This is more advanced stuff as it requires having a paid tool. You can also use free ones, but I don’t think they’re efficient enough.

Beware, that I only need to mention this for the sake of the post. If you’re just starting out, you don’t even have to try this method as the ones I mentioned before, are just good enough for starters.

  1. Type the domain to a backlink checker tool. I am using Ahrefs but you’re free to use whatever you want. Note, that the data they show is not the same at all tools as it varies from many factors.

2. With this method, you find all of the backlinks they have, but a good chunk of them are.

The best part of this strategy is that you can find guest posts that you can not find with Google Search strings as they do not include “guest posts” type of words.

People you already know

If you already have some kind of audience on your blog, like blog comments and social shares then it’s most likely they will accept a guest post from you.

If you’d like to try that, you should send them an email mentioning the comment they have done on your blog and if they’ll likely want a guest post from your side. That’s exactly how I landed my first guest post.

The Dark Side of Guest Posting

Guest posting has been around for a long time now in the SEO world. During the years, it has been manipulated in many ways and actually, it’s still being, that’s why many question its effectiveness.

That is the reason that I made a list of things you should be aware before you decide to publish a guest post to a site.

Private Blog Networks: While you are searching for guest posts, it’s most likely that you will come across private blog networks (PBNs).

PBNs are a group of sites that have been built on expired domains (domain that has not been registered) and are owned by a person in order to manipulate Google search results by giving links from their network to their money site.

How to spot PBNs and other low-quality Websites

  1. They usually have a bad looking design and have little to no information about the person who stands behind the blog. Also, their social media accounts most of the time are non-existent.
  2. You can use tools like the Wayback Machine to check their previous site versions. Also, tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush can be useful to check if the site has organic traffic. The more it has, the better.
  3. They usually ask for money in order to publish a guest post to their site. That is common for good sites too, but they also send a huge list of websites that they own. If they do that, then definitively it’s a no go.

Before we continue further, here are the things I look at a site before pitching for a guest post.

  1. The blog is related to my niche. Our posts are very similar to each other.
  2. It has a regular audience. Either via blog comments or social shares. Expect the SEO benefit, I also look forward to becoming a trusted authority in the niche.
  3. It has some kind of organic traffic, the more the better. That means that the site is liked by Google and it can pass link juice (power) to your site

Pitching The Guest Post With Charm

After you have finally found the perfect blog that you’d like to get published, it’s time for the hardest part. Getting it published.

Here are some procedures that you should follow before you make the pitch.

Become Familiar with the blog: I have read many posts from bloggers where they say that they instantly remove guest posting pitches from people they don’t know. In most of cases, they do not read the email at all.

In order to avoid that, first, you should take some time and be around their blog by leaving meaningful comments and even sharing their latest posts on your social profiles. Also, this method has been a while for now, so they actually know your purpose. That’s why you should do this with extra care and differentiate yourself from others.

Personalize the email: Before you even click send to your pitch, they probably already got 5 pitches for guest posting. Don’t worry, most of them are just basic spam, that they don’t even read.

They already know your name from blog comments and the social shares you’ve done, so that’s a good thing, right?

That’s good indeed, but that doesn’t mean they will publish your guest post if your email is crap.

Here are some things you should make sure to have in your pitch.

  1. Give the email a charming title. “Guest Post inquiry” and “I’ll write for you” won’t cut it. Some titles that I’d suggest are

Happy [day], [name]

Quick Question

Hey [name]

Be relevant to them. Yes, you might have interacted with them before, but what if the blog has many other blog comments and social shares? This is the part where you can differentiate from the others. You can mention a part of a blog post or guest post they’ve done and that you completely agree and/or add some similar information with that.

Finally, give the pitch. After they have read the first paragraphs of your email, and hope you gave them a little smirk from the compliment you gave or the information you added, it’s time to give the pitch but by not sounding pitchy at all. I won’t add any specific example on this case, but this part too will be included on the example pitch I’ve made.

Hey Glen,

I hope you’re having a great day as I am. On your latest post, you mentioned that Google has become smarter on identifying abuses of anchor text. I have also seen that, and from my own testings, I think the exact anchor text shouldn’t be more than 5%. What’s your take on that, do you agree?

Btw I have recently written a post about “Why you are doing link building in the wrong way. 5 myths debunked”

I am sure that this post would be welcomed to your audience as you already have similar posts that your audience has loved. Would it be okay if I share the draft with you and give me your opinion about that and discuss it further?



Boom! That’s a perfect pitch, isn’t it? Let’s analyze it step by step

The good thing about this pitch, is that it doesn’t sound like a pitch at all? Just like I mentioned before.

At first, I am trying to get into the conversation about a post that he has published recently and asked a question about that.

Second, I am pitching about my guest post but in form of discussion. It’s not that I am just sending the post and waiting for them to publish, but also willing to discuss with them which highly increases the chance of getting a reply by them.

Last but not least

There are some other things that you can add to pitches. I think that one, is good enough to be sent just in that kind of format, but here are some stuff that I like to use “just in case”

  1. If you already have published other guest posts, it’s good to cite them in the email.
  2. Pitch a perfect guest bio. You can mention some stuff about yourself, like what you’ve done before. Just make it sure you keep it short, as they are interested in their benefit rather than yours.

So this is it folks. I hope this will shed some light in order for you to publish your perfect posts over the web. Good luck!!!


  1. Hey Melos, great guide on guest posting and how to do it right.

    Another method of finding guest posts is to copy a sentence of author bio and plug it into Google, in quotes. That will show you where they’ve guest posted before.
    You might want to consider adding some social sharing buttons. I wanted to tweet your post, but couldn’t find the tweet button.

    1. Hey Nikola,

      Thanks a lot for the input. Yeah that is another technique that people can use, similar to copying and pasting into Google “This is a guest post by [guest author]”.

      Thanks for social sharing buttons. I will add them asap.

      Kindest Regards,


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