How To Use Google Trends For Better Keyword Research

Quick Guide: How To Use Google Trends (The Basics)

At the beginning, it seems that Google trends is pretty easy to use. Well, indeed it is, but there are some functions that can make it much more efficient if you use them properly.

Let’s take for example that you are a brand, and want to see how you stand out with your competitors, at which regions you are most searched and at what times.

For this purpose I have chosen 2 famous singers.

We can simply see that compared by region, at most of them Dua Lipa wins, except Poland, Germany and Kenya where Rita Ora is at advantage.

You can also specify by Region(Country), for example I chose Brazil.

Then you can see the search terms people from these countries are using to find Rita Ora or Dua Lipa.

Sidenote: This is a very useful feature from Google Trends, because the search queries vary from country to country. They can use these search terms in Brazil, but they aren’t using at all the other countries.

For example these are the most used search terms in Spain

Keywords By Category

Google trends also allows you the possibility to check keywords by category. Let’s take for example that you have a beauty blog and you want to find new content ideas.

You can simply select the category “Beauty & Fitness” and see related queries

Write Content for Seasonal Trends

One of the main functions of Google Trends is to see what kind of terms are spiking by search volume recently, so you can write topics around them and gain lots of search visitors.

Let’s take for example NFL, which has started from 3 January and is still active.

You can also use trending queries as your keywords as they receive tons of traffic too.

Determine what form of content you should publish

Google Terms also allows you to search for keywords or terms in different format of content.

So one thing you should take into consideration is whether you should write about that topic, make a video content or optimize your image.

Check every keyword of yours with Google Trends

Whatever niche you are in, you always need to make sure that you check the keyword that you want to write for with Google Trends.

The reason for that is that you need to make sure that the search volume of your keyword is not skewed over the year.

I need 2 terms like fidget spinner and yoyo like ahr efs

Find gazilion of keywords that are trending right now

Most used search queries when you want to fix or find something are “How To” or “Near Me” Queries.

With Google Trends you can find tons of keywords that are spiking for that time of the year.

For example, these are the most searched terms for the past 30 days.

Makes sense? Since new year has been recently, you can see people searching for terms related to that.

Here’s a look for “how to” search query

Note that with Google Trends you can find terms even by Last hour.

Find out the decline of your organic traffic

There can be many factors why your site’s organic traffic has declined. Starting from SEO factors such as new sites popping up with better optimization, sites deleted your backlinks or even a content penalty.

However, besides the changes I mentioned, the reason could also be the decline on interest. That’s why I suggested before, that you should always check your keyword with Google Trends too.

There is also the case when a keyword interest might be raised over time. In that situation, you should go and add to your site new data. Just to make sure that you will stay on top. Note, that sometimes it’s better to leave the site as it is, but if you see decreasing, that’s one of the steps you can take.

Here is the case of a term or keyword that search interest has lost over time. In that case, you don’t have anything that you will do, execpt wait for another 4 years till it starts again.

Plan Your Content Calender With Google Terms

Yes, you’re right. You can find new topics easily with Google Trends and write about them, but that’s not the thing I am trying to explain here. Sorta.

Let’s take for example the search term “Halloween”.

We can see that it gets spiked every year on October.

Well, if you have already covered this topic, the thing that you should do is to “update” it’s published date instead of just writing a new one.

Steal Your Competitors Keywords

Remember when we searched for Dua Lipa and Rita Ora on Google Trends and it showed keywords related to them?

Well, you can also use that technique to find keywords that your competitors are getting traffic from.

For example people that are searching Mozilla, are most likely searching for Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (thought most likely no).

This tactic mostly works if you put brand names in search trends like “Pepsi, Nike, Dell…”

Find Long Tail Keywords

If you are not on a budget to buy keyword research tools, or you just want to look for more opportunities then Google Trends can be a help.

Let’s take for example that you have a site about movies and you want to cover as much as you can for Oscars.

You can see that both Related Queries and Related Topics show long tail keywords that are related with Oscars.

Get Location-Based Targeting

I don’t think there is a tool out there that can help you with location-based targeting as good as Google Trends.

Let’s take for example that you have an online store about Green Tea.

Google Trends tells you exactly at what states it is mostly searched, and probably consumed.

Not only by sub-region, but it also shows you by metro. Isn’t that just awesome?

Now, with this info you can’t do much in terms of search traffic as there are not just enough searches for “green tea buffalo or green tea new york”.

In this case you should do geo ads to them either via AdWords or Facebook and mention their metro or something else so you sound more familiar to them.

To Sum It Up

As you can see Google Trends has many features that a modern digital marketer must know to use.

I know there must be something else that I didn’t cover, so if you know another great feature please tell us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Hey Melos thanks for the very comprehensive guide for Google Trends. I have never really used it too much, but now you have me thinking.

    I am working more on local SEO and location based targeting, glad you pointed that out in the end.

    Thanks for sharing my friend!

    1. Hi Brad,

      Glad that you liked the article. Yeah, I figured out recently and now I always use it when I have to do keyword research.

      You’re right, I don’t think it can be helpful at all for Local SEO campaigns.



  2. An awesome guide, Melos. Honestly speaking, I have never used Google Trends for keyword research. I’ll just use it to see if the topic I’m using is seasonal or not.

    I learned a lot of tricks and I think one can easily find some profitable trending keywords with Google Trends to target in near future.

    Thanks for an amazing guide.

    Shafi Khan

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