Mass 301 Redirect (5 Working Methods)

mass 301 redirect

Mass 301 redirect it’s a very useful method nowadays to transfer your website authority to the newest one.

When you build a website it comes aday when you want to change something on it. These changes vary from a minor change in design to completely change of the look or even the CMS that builds it. 

Before we start to tell the methods for Mass 301 Redirect, first let’s know exactly what it means.

Mass 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which returns among 90-99% of ranking page to the new page (redirected one). In most cases the 301 redirect is the best way to make redirect on the new website.

Instead of 301 redirect there exist also the distinct of it, 301 which means “temporary” redirect. The 302 redirect is used when the URL is changing only for temporary time, and these changes can see only search engines, and the website visitors don’t see the difference.

Mass 301 redirect using PHP Code

This is the simplest method to make Mass 301 redirect than all other methods.

Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” );
Header( “Location:” );

Mass 301 redirect using .htaccess

First you need to access the .htacess file from cPanel or FTP (File transfer protocol) which is on the root of your site.

These are the lines of code that you should put in your .htacess file. If there any other condition (lines of code) you don’t need to delete them, but you just can add them in the beginning or at the end.

The following conditions are written to transfer each URL to the new one.

For example /old-page.html means your URL that you want to redirect without the domain. stands for the new domain(URL of it) that you have just purchased with the new post created there.

Redirect 301 /old-page.html
Redirect 301 /old-page-2.html

You can also redirect your entirely website with the condition below.

Redirect 301 /

Mass 301 redirect in WordPress

I think that you know that WordPress has a huge directory with plugins for almost everything. How they could miss a plugin for mass redirection?

Simple 301 Redirects – Addon – Bulk Uploader  it gives you the opportunity to make a bulk upload 301 redirects via excel file (CSV).

Simple 301 Redirects – Is the most popular plugin for mass redirection. By setting up 301 redirects from your old pages to your new one, any incoming links will be ordered passed along, and their pagerank will be also passed to with them.

Redirect Editor – Is another WordPress plugin which for me is the easiest one to do this thing. After you install it, the only job left is to add the link you want to redirect.

Mass 301 redirect in Magneto

Magneto is a very famous platform that is used to create e-shopping sites. Magneto instead of plugins that WordPress use has the specific place only for 301 redirection.

Follow the steps below to make 301 redirects in Magneto successfully.

  • Go to Catalog then forward to URL Rewrite Management
  • From URL Rewrite Management you click to Add URL Rewrite than there choose custom.

The paths (ID and Request) stand for the old URL (along side with .html).

Target Path goes for the new URL. (Don’t forget to choose Permanent)

Online Generators

As I said before that mass 301 redirection is a very trendy thing in technology it’s absolutely true.

There is a tool online which makes this job even very simple, it’s not wrong to say simpler than any method here.

The tool is named Batch Rewrite Rule Generator and it has been developed by Donat Studios where even they state that, they needed a lot of times to make mass 301 redirects from an old excel file to the new URLs.

mass 301 redirect

Instead of that this tools gives you the ability to directly write your old and new URLs on the page without any excel (CSV) file.

But just don’t forget to add RewriteEngine On at your .httacces file.

Last Words

It’s crucial that whenever you want to change your domain of you website to take seriously the work of mass redirection. For example if you had 25 visitors a day in your website, these 25 visitors would go to 404 error pages (not found) which will you decrease your number of visitors and also the ranking.

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